Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Ever Stalking Cyberpredator named Matt

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Looks like the authorities in Virginia need to be made aware of this man's claims of owning a 12 gauge shot gun.

I do not believe the police officer in question was made aware that Matthew Berdyck had violated a domestic violence protection order and therefore does not legally have the right to bear arms anymore in the state of Virginia.

This facebook post, now deleted but still on file with Facebook from the reports, (use this link for official reports, as Facebook is very aware of working with law enforcement on this case). 

That post is probable cause and can be used as the basis for a warrant pursuant to Virginia Criminal Code 18.2-308.2


  1. A person is ineligible for a license to carry a concealed weapon if the person:
    (1) has been diagnosed by a licensed physician as suffering from a psychiatric disorder or condition that causes or is likely to cause substantial impairment in judgment, mood, perception, impulse control, or intellectual ability;
    (2) suffers from a psychiatric disorder or condition described by Subdivision (1) that: (A) is in remission but is reasonably likely to redevelop at a future time; or (B) requires continuous medical treatment to avoid redevelopment;
    (3) has been diagnosed by a licensed physician, determined by a review board or similar authority, or declared by a court to be incompetent to manage the person's own affairs; or
    (4) has entered in a criminal proceeding a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

    The following constitutes evidence that a person has a psychiatric disorder or condition described by section (1), above:
    (1) involuntary psychiatric hospitalization;
    (2) psychiatric hospitalization;
    (3) inpatient or residential substance abuse treatment in the preceding five-year period;
    (4) diagnosis in the preceding five-year period by a licensed physician that the person is dependent on alcohol, a controlled substance, or a similar substance; or
    (5) diagnosis at any time by a licensed physician that the person suffers or has suffered from a psychiatric disorder or condition consisting of or relating to:
    (A) schizophrenia or delusional disorder;
    (B) bipolar disorder;
    (C) chronic dementia, whether caused by illness, brain defect, or brain injury;
    (D) dissociative identity disorder;
    (E) intermittent explosive disorder; or
    (F) antisocial personality disorder.

  2. I told all my friends in the village to let the Front Royal police know about this. Very helpful to see he might be armed and dangerous.