Monday, September 14, 2015's lack of integrity and the founder Matthew Berdyck's fake resume

Take it from Matthew Berdyck, it's a STORY FOR THE AGES. 

Do you know how it is that you know that you are doing solid work that bucks the status quo and has integrity?

Matt has no integrity and hasn't done anything solid that wasn't shit out of his anus.

Hopefully, the people I've educated to the true state of the ground water supply in their area, and to the danger of volatile organic compounds, have taken my information and used it to create a safer world.
Matthew Berdyck, the high school drop out is "educating people". What the fuck does that even mean? 

In late 2014 I was finally contacted by the US EPA. They wanted to talk. I was excited to finally get my voice heard when the woman, Alisa Walton, from the EPA's Criminal Investigation Division told me that it wasn't the volumes of corruption I had documented, at the hands of the nine regional directors of The EPA, that they were interested in, it was me they were looking into.

They were trying to let me know that if I ever walked into a Superfund office with a camera, again, like I had in July of 2013 at the Region 5 EPA in Chicago, that they were going to file criminal charges against me. Instead of investigating my claims, they investigated me instead, and threatened me, saying "We'll find you!" even though I am sitting in my house, not hiding from anyone.

That was the moment in time that I went from a freedom fighter to an outlaw because when you do what I do, the more powerful you become the bigger threat you are to the system.

Matthew Berdyck harassing people at the EPA then getting investigated sounds more like the truth than this obvious drivel where Matt paints himself as some kind of good guy. According to Matt, people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY call him a hero. According to Matt. Even though supposedly there are all these people everywhere in the united states that believe this, you can't really find any single one of them. trolling via Facebook

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