Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th is a time to remember, remember that Matthew Berdyck is batshit insane

The idea that a writer for Bloomberg is actually interested in an internet flame war between a psychotic douche like Matthew Berdyck and the hordes of people he has started shit with, actually makes a girl like me chuckle.

Jeremy, you've been witnessing all of this. Matt would like you to make a statement, which you did when you said "This is for a friend" and then immediately disowned it in private messages as being afraid of the crazy that might follow if you didn't. 

In what delusional, psychotic world does Matt live in where he actually believes he "never said a word about Peter and Marjorie to anyone"? ALL HE EVER DOES IS WRITE about his poor elderly woman he harasses at every opportunity. And no one understands this erotic anal sex obsession he has with Peter John Ross. Marjorie Bard is the only person with the sack big enough to stand up to Matthew Berdyck and his online bullying. Anyone who disagrees with Matt gets shouted down with his lies. Not even Peter John Ross has ever mentioned Matthew Berdyck anywhere on any site. 

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