Monday, September 14, 2015

Matthew Berdyck subtly threatens people

We all find a little humor in Matthew Berdyck from time to time. He is such a buffoon and Matt lies so much it makes me laugh at him. And then details emerge that demonstrate that Matthew Berdyck can be downright terrifying.

As much as Matt wants the general public to think this is just an insult about working at Arby's, the truth is by saying South Hamilton, Matt is trying to make sure Peter knows that Matt figured out his home address. Doing a public records search, Peter lives right off of South Hamilton. Creepy shit.

This is a threat.

That is also why Matt deleted this blog post. Don't worry, if you want to read it, just go here

It is entirely scary that Matthew Berdyck obsesses in such a way. It's very similar to how he obsessed and then physiclly harmed his ex girlfriend Kelly, who was pregnant at the time. She had to get an EMERGENCY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTION ORDER against Matt.

And then he continually violated this DVP and went to jail because he could not help himself. Don't believe me? Read for yourself.

Matthew Berdyck Arrest Records

And what did Matt learn? Instead of getting mental health help, he simply learned to skirt the edges of the laws. One day, Matthew Berdyck won't be able to resist again and he will break the law. It is inevitable. When someone is such a complete lazy failure, the only way they can get attention is to become obnoxious criminal that Matt already is.

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