Friday, September 4, 2015

Matthew Berdyck lies about Journalists

I find it so funny to think about an actual writer for Bloomberg wanting to to an in depth report on a flame war from the Internet from completely unfamous people. And to think that anyone who writes for a reputable news organization, hell even the most disreputable sites, not doing any form of due dilligence and finding the plethora of Matthew Berdyck aka Matt Alan Kane flame wars and abuses he has wreaked on people in the world.

Just as some woman who just asked Matt not to post rude things on her wall, and how he threatened to ruin her business. Or the people he stayed with in Oregon who are absolutely terrified Matt will re enter their world. This horrible person has left a wake of despair and fear behind him where ever he goes.

And lest anyone talk to either of the mothers of his children. Just look at the court documents that demonstrate what an abusive, shitty person Matthew Berdyck is.

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