Friday, September 4, 2015

Matt Abusing Children

There is this terrible pattern. Whenever Matthew Berdyck starts lying and exaggerating on the Internet somewhere, someone will inevitably find his police records and these court documents that have been online for years.

Matt then makes an insane claim that anyone who posts a link to these public records is

a. attempting or inciting people to abuse his daughter (which is batshit insane since no one would think to look for his daughters address or think it is current from those documents and the ONLY person saying that is Matthew Berdyck himself)

b. supporting child abuse by posting the link

This kind of circular insanity is vintage Matthew Berdyck, using his kid as a shield to protect himself from being discovered as the shitty asshole he is.

Matthew Berdyck, a guy who will never be nominated for Father of the Year, uses his kids to win arguments online (at least HE thinks he wins the argument anyways). Note, he doesn't send them money, he doesn't pay child support, and he doesn't do visits or have any participation in their lives.

And the way Matt uses the whole "they posted my daughters address online" thing is pathetic. No one anywhere posts his daughter's address. They post a link to court documents, you know, the ones that have Matt's arrest record in detail that shows he lied to the cops, violating an emergency domestic violence protection order 4x. Oh yeah, that's why Matt wants the documents taken offline - because they show the TRUTH, a verifiable by the cops and the courts, that he is a complete douchbag prick who abuses pregnant women then terrorizes them afterwards.

And the real capper? His daughters address never appears on the scans. They are blanked out to protect her and her mother from Matthew Berdyck's continued abuse.

Matthew Berdyck Arrest Records

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