Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Matthew Berdyck aka Matt Alan Kane aka Matt Jones aka Matt Alan aka John Mastrobuono and on and on

Our new found friends have sent us a handy list compiled by apparently dozens of people who have all been harassed online by Matthew Berdyck. 

Here is a partial list of Matthew Berdyck aka Matt Kane's aliases online:
Matt Alan KaneAlan Smithee
Matt SmithAlex Jones
Films-n-StuffFillmore Street Films
Frankie Lau ‘GhuckstickEm Kay
Hans OsloMiddleAmericaJames
Lisa BailyTony Clifton
Mike JonestonMike Huntzicci
Tyler HanocekTravelbeastfilm
Sparky JohnsonTallicaRocksCocks
Oklahoma JonesJim Bob
OneStarMotelMatt Films
John Mastrobuono
https://www.facebook.com/Random.Anonymous2   https://www.facebook.com/SofaKing.Matthew
https://www.facebook.com/mike.huntzicci  https://www.facebook.com/thepeopleofhinkley
OHIO COURT RECORDS on Matthew A Berdyck

Monday, September 14, 2015

SuperfundResearch.org's lack of integrity and the founder Matthew Berdyck's fake resume

Take it from Matthew Berdyck, it's a STORY FOR THE AGES. 

Do you know how it is that you know that you are doing solid work that bucks the status quo and has integrity?

Matt has no integrity and hasn't done anything solid that wasn't shit out of his anus.

Hopefully, the people I've educated to the true state of the ground water supply in their area, and to the danger of volatile organic compounds, have taken my information and used it to create a safer world.
Matthew Berdyck, the high school drop out is "educating people". What the fuck does that even mean? 

In late 2014 I was finally contacted by the US EPA. They wanted to talk. I was excited to finally get my voice heard when the woman, Alisa Walton, from the EPA's Criminal Investigation Division told me that it wasn't the volumes of corruption I had documented, at the hands of the nine regional directors of The EPA, that they were interested in, it was me they were looking into.

They were trying to let me know that if I ever walked into a Superfund office with a camera, again, like I had in July of 2013 at the Region 5 EPA in Chicago, that they were going to file criminal charges against me. Instead of investigating my claims, they investigated me instead, and threatened me, saying "We'll find you!" even though I am sitting in my house, not hiding from anyone.

That was the moment in time that I went from a freedom fighter to an outlaw because when you do what I do, the more powerful you become the bigger threat you are to the system.

Matthew Berdyck harassing people at the EPA then getting investigated sounds more like the truth than this obvious drivel where Matt paints himself as some kind of good guy. According to Matt, people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY call him a hero. According to Matt. Even though supposedly there are all these people everywhere in the united states that believe this, you can't really find any single one of them.

SuperfundResearch.org trolling via Facebook

Matthew Berdyck subtly threatens people

We all find a little humor in Matthew Berdyck from time to time. He is such a buffoon and Matt lies so much it makes me laugh at him. And then details emerge that demonstrate that Matthew Berdyck can be downright terrifying.

As much as Matt wants the general public to think this is just an insult about working at Arby's, the truth is by saying South Hamilton, Matt is trying to make sure Peter knows that Matt figured out his home address. Doing a public records search, Peter lives right off of South Hamilton. Creepy shit.

This is a threat.

That is also why Matt deleted this blog post. Don't worry, if you want to read it, just go here

It is entirely scary that Matthew Berdyck obsesses in such a way. It's very similar to how he obsessed and then physiclly harmed his ex girlfriend Kelly, who was pregnant at the time. She had to get an EMERGENCY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTION ORDER against Matt.

And then he continually violated this DVP and went to jail because he could not help himself. Don't believe me? Read for yourself.

Matthew Berdyck Arrest Records

And what did Matt learn? Instead of getting mental health help, he simply learned to skirt the edges of the laws. One day, Matthew Berdyck won't be able to resist again and he will break the law. It is inevitable. When someone is such a complete lazy failure, the only way they can get attention is to become obnoxious criminal that Matt already is.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

SuperfundResearch.org's scam exposed in Front Royal Virginia

SuperfundResearch.org CAUGHT LYING! S







Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th is a time to remember, remember that Matthew Berdyck is batshit insane

The idea that a writer for Bloomberg is actually interested in an internet flame war between a psychotic douche like Matthew Berdyck and the hordes of people he has started shit with, actually makes a girl like me chuckle.

Jeremy, you've been witnessing all of this. Matt would like you to make a statement, which you did when you said "This is for a friend" and then immediately disowned it in private messages as being afraid of the crazy that might follow if you didn't. 

In what delusional, psychotic world does Matt live in where he actually believes he "never said a word about Peter and Marjorie to anyone"? ALL HE EVER DOES IS WRITE about his poor elderly woman he harasses at every opportunity. And no one understands this erotic anal sex obsession he has with Peter John Ross. Marjorie Bard is the only person with the sack big enough to stand up to Matthew Berdyck and his online bullying. Anyone who disagrees with Matt gets shouted down with his lies. Not even Peter John Ross has ever mentioned Matthew Berdyck anywhere on any site. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Gay Fatal Attraction guy = Matthew Berdyck

Just read these posts from today that Matthew Berdyck put out into the world. It's total gay obsession with this guy, who from what we can see, doesn't even acknowledge Berdyck, which must be so frustrating for someone so obsessed. And all the bitter vitriol aimed at Marjorie Bard, an elderly woman who has dedicated her entire life to helping people. It's all so sad. 

Just look at the way Matt obsesses over every single thing Peter posts. I cannot even imagine spending this much time on someone who totally ignores you. It makes Matt seem so much more like a serial killer out, like Luka Rocco born again as a fat guy from Kenmore. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I wonder who....

Technically, this is not a hack. This is using an algorithm to infiltrate a website by exposing a weakness in the security. We're doing them a favor by showing where a site can cause them damage.

Pissing off the people at AboveTopSecret.com was not a good idea Matt.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Matt Abusing Children

There is this terrible pattern. Whenever Matthew Berdyck starts lying and exaggerating on the Internet somewhere, someone will inevitably find his police records and these court documents that have been online for years.

Matt then makes an insane claim that anyone who posts a link to these public records is

a. attempting or inciting people to abuse his daughter (which is batshit insane since no one would think to look for his daughters address or think it is current from those documents and the ONLY person saying that is Matthew Berdyck himself)

b. supporting child abuse by posting the link

This kind of circular insanity is vintage Matthew Berdyck, using his kid as a shield to protect himself from being discovered as the shitty asshole he is.

Matthew Berdyck, a guy who will never be nominated for Father of the Year, uses his kids to win arguments online (at least HE thinks he wins the argument anyways). Note, he doesn't send them money, he doesn't pay child support, and he doesn't do visits or have any participation in their lives.

And the way Matt uses the whole "they posted my daughters address online" thing is pathetic. No one anywhere posts his daughter's address. They post a link to court documents, you know, the ones that have Matt's arrest record in detail that shows he lied to the cops, violating an emergency domestic violence protection order 4x. Oh yeah, that's why Matt wants the documents taken offline - because they show the TRUTH, a verifiable by the cops and the courts, that he is a complete douchbag prick who abuses pregnant women then terrorizes them afterwards.

And the real capper? His daughters address never appears on the scans. They are blanked out to protect her and her mother from Matthew Berdyck's continued abuse.

Matthew Berdyck Arrest Records

Matthew Berdyck lies about Journalists

I find it so funny to think about an actual writer for Bloomberg wanting to to an in depth report on a flame war from the Internet from completely unfamous people. And to think that anyone who writes for a reputable news organization, hell even the most disreputable sites, not doing any form of due dilligence and finding the plethora of Matthew Berdyck aka Matt Alan Kane flame wars and abuses he has wreaked on people in the world.

Just as some woman who just asked Matt not to post rude things on her wall, and how he threatened to ruin her business. Or the people he stayed with in Oregon who are absolutely terrified Matt will re enter their world. This horrible person has left a wake of despair and fear behind him where ever he goes.

And lest anyone talk to either of the mothers of his children. Just look at the court documents that demonstrate what an abusive, shitty person Matthew Berdyck is.