Monday, June 15, 2015

Marjorie Bard Strikes Back

There is this guy on the internet named Matthew Berdyck. He finds it amusing to abuse the elderly online. He has been harassing this sweet old lady named Marjorie Bard. Let me tell you about Marjorie. She has been an advocate for helping the homeless for years and years. She generously donates her time and efforts to great causes selflessly.

Matthew Berdyck is some kind of con artist who takes advantage of people on the web by posing as homeless or pretending to have these jobs helping communities. All of that is a lie because he is a guy who was just scamming people on sites until he gets banned.

Read his own posts and replies to Marjorie Bard as she tries to defend herself from his stalking and harassment.

Did you read those? Matthew Berdyck admits to stalking and abusing an elderly woman himself. I hope the police find and arrest this horrible person.

I know Marjorie Bard very well and she has become so scared of this man's stalking, she has developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, afraid to leave her condo. Matthew Berdyck's nonstop harassment and shaming campaign has ruined her quality of life. Someone should make this man pay.

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